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1175646443_rosenburgEscape the hectic daily routine with a relaxing journey in a magical and unspoilt countryside, the Waldviertel in northern Niederösterreich. (Lower Austria) Follow us on the drive via the medieval trading town of Krems on the Danube (Gate to the Danube Valley) to Zwettl. In the former Kuenringer town visit the Cistercian monastery, which has largely retained its original form and where the dark Middle Ages and the civilisation attempts of the French monks comes alive. Also on the route, the well preserved Knight’s Castle of Rappottenstein and the romantic Freemason stronghold of Castle Rosenau.
1175646428_weitraLearn about the history of the Kuefstein Family and the threat from the Turkish invaders at Greillenstein Castle, before visiting the historical centre of Weitra with it’s medieval sgrafitto houses. Discover here the charm of the medieval town, characterised by its close relationship to the lords of the Castle, enjoy the beautiful view over to the surrounding land and taste the art of centuries of brewing tradition.
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