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VIENNA – THE SURROUNDINGS - 4 hours in the southern Vienna Woods

1175645721_wienerwald2Experience the attraction of the Vienna Woods ! Follow us in the footsteps of Beethoven through Hinterbrühl to Liechtenstein Castle, where the dynasty had its origins. Visit the Seegrotte and enjoy a romantic boat trip on the largest underground lake in Europe. Our tour continues to Höldrichsmühle, where Schubert once composed and Heiligenkreuz, the Cistercian monastery steeped in history, which, after the chaos of the migration of the peoples, became the basis for the re-civilisation of the Vienna area. Afterwards on to Mayerling, where Crown Prince Rudolf came to a tragic end with his lover, Mary Vetsera.

1175645771_seegrotte2After an idyllic drive through the magical Helenental, we reach the Biedermeier-town of Baden, which was a spa resort as early as the time of the Romans. Experience the unique flair of this historical spa town during a stroll past the charming facades and the beautiful Casino to the famous Rosarium or through the dreamy spa park, where once Joseph Strauss senior and Joseph Lanner played. After a drive along the “Wine Road” to Gumpoldskirchen, the world-renowned wine village, the tour ends with a lovely view over Vienna.

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